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Council Decided

Council Decided – 6 March 2018

In presenting her Mayoral Minute on the 2018 Young Citizen of the Year, Councillor Corrigan also announced that she will be holding monthly informal gatherings to learn first-hand about youth priorities and concerns.

Council Decided – 6 February 2018

Council returned for its first meeting of 2018.

Council Decided – 5 December 2017

This was Council’s last Ordinary Meeting for 2017. Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 6 February 2018.

Council Decided – 14 November 2017

Council again considered proposed works including a synthetic surface, amenities building and playground at Middle Head Oval and resolved to cease further work on the relevant Development Application pending a report to Council at its December 2017 meeting.

Council Decided – 8 November 2017

After discussing the best way forward for Mosman in relation to its membership of a regional organisation of councils, it was resolved by Council that Mosman formally withdraw from membership of the Shore Regional Organisation of Councils (SHOROC) and join the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC).

Council Decided – 3 October 2017

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan paid tribute to Dr Peter Abelson, who served a total of 13 years as Mosman’s Mayor, most recently as Mosman’s first popularly elected Mayor from 2012 to 2017.

Council Decided - 22 September 2017

The Council Meeting held on Friday 22 September 2017 (formally adjourned from Tuesday 19 September) was the first meeting of the 2017-2020 term of Mosman Council, at which all Councillors were present.

Council Decided - 1 August 2017

Presiding over his final Council meeting, Mayor Peter Abelson recorded his thanks to fellow Councillors, staff and community members for their exceptional contribution to Mosman over the past five years.

Council Decided - 4 July 2017

Council had previously resolved to conduct a Poll of Electors on the issue of Council mergers at the local government elections on 9 September. Following consideration of a Mayoral Minute on this issue, Council has decided to slightly amend the proposed poll question.

Council Decided - 6 June 2017

Council again considered the issue of its ongoing membership of Local Government NSW. It was subsequently resolved by Council that it support payment of a further 6 months membership of Local Government NSW, and to continue monitoring the works of the organisation.