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Council Decided – 6 July 2021

Draft and Proposed NSW Government Policies for Media, Social Media and Councillor/Staff Interaction

Council considered a report outlining draft Model Policies for Social Media and Councillor and Staff Interaction developed by the NSW Government for use by local councils in NSW. The NSW Government is also proposing a Model Media Policy for use by councils. The report presented to Council identified key elements of the draft Model Policies, noting that the NSW Government has advised that neither will be mandatory and that councils can choose whether to use them or adapt them for their own purposes. Submissions will be made to the NSW Government on the draft Model Policies, with feedback on each policy to include the assertion that they should not be mandated requirements. Council will also provide a copy of its existing Media Policy to the State Government.

NSW Government Review of General Manager and Senior Staff Remuneration

A report was presented to Council advising of a Consultation Paper recently released by the NSW Government regarding a review of remuneration payable to general managers and senior staff employed by NSW councils. The Consultation Paper looks at the current practice whereby individual councils in NSW determine remuneration levels, as well as options to regulate remuneration, and seeks feedback on whether more regulation is needed, what such regulation might look like, and who should decide how much general managers are paid. It was resolved by Council that a submission be made to the NSW Government, with preparation to be delegated to Council’s Performance Review Committee for circulation to Councillors following consultation with various parties and also canvassing a potential NSROC submission on the matter.

SSROC Electricity Procurement

Mosman Council has, for the past nine years, purchased electricity for its small and large sites through the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), providing certainty on pricing in a complex electricity market as well as lower electricity prices for Council. In 2021 SSROC has conducted a tender process for electricity supply for a period of up to 10 years from 1 July 2022. In considering a report on this matter, Council noted its zero carbon emission target for electricity by 2030 and resolved to grant delegated authority to the General Manager to enter into a contract with the preferred contractor from SSROC’s tender process.

Climate Action Plan – Resilience and Adaptation Strategy

Following the adoption of Council’s Climate Action Plan – Mitigation Strategy in April this year, a Draft Climate Action Plan – Resilience and Adaptation Strategy has been prepared and submitted to Council for consideration. After reviewing and discussing this document Council resolved to refer the matter to a Councillor workshop, with a draft document again being submitted to the next possible Council meeting.

Spit Road and Awaba Street – Local Traffic Study Report

In recent months a traffic study has been undertaken in relation to traffic movements in around Spit Road, Awaba Street, Moruben Road and Stanton Road. The results of this study were considered by Council, with it being noted that the study had found no practical option to increase the capacity of the Spit Road/Awaba Street intersection or to increase the green time allocated to the Awaba Street east approach to address reported traffic issues in the area. Having regard to the study findings, Council resolved to support the installation of traffic signals at the Spit Road/Stanton Road intersection as this would help reduce congestion on Awaba Street and surrounding intersections in the Balmoral area during peak periods. A meeting will be held with Transport for NSW to discuss this proposal.

Development Applications – NSW Government Standard Conditions of Consent

Council considered a report advising of recent notification from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment regarding new standard conditions of consent, the core component of which the NSW Government proposes to make mandatory for all local councils in NSW from 1 September 2021. It was resolved by Council that this matter be referred to a Councillor workshop in the first instance.

NSW Waste and Sustainable Material Strategy 2041

Following consideration of a report outlining the NSW Government’s recently released Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041, Council resolved to receive the report, noting that NSROC will be working with the State Government to refine practicalities of the Strategy.

Developer Contributions – Proposed Changes by NSW Government

A report was presented to Council advising of NSW Government reforms to the existing arrangements for levying and expenditure of developer contributions in NSW, as captured in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2021 currently before the NSW Upper House. By changing the way councils levy contributions, the reforms proposed by the NSW government will potentially have an extremely deleterious impact on Mosman and other local government authorities. For Mosman, the potential financial loss has been projected to be in the vicinity of $20-30 million in the first 20 years of implementation. Council resolved that it seek urgent meetings through NSROC to discuss this proposal with the Local State Member and relevant Ministers of Parliament, and to make a strong submission to the Upper House Inquiry through NSROC, objecting to the proposal on the basis of its severe financial impact on Mosman and the resulting service impacts on residents. This submission is to include detailed amendments to the proposal so there is no adverse impact on Mosman residents.

Council Decided – 1 June 2021

MOSPLAN (Revised) 2018-2022 Delivery Program and 2021-2022 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges

Council recently exhibited its (draft) revised MOSPLAN 2018-2022 Delivery Program and 2021-2022 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges. The period for public comment closed on 9 May and the documents were again considered at this meeting of Council, together with a public submission and minor amendments made during the public exhibition period. Council resolved to adopt all documents, including minor changes. The inclusion of a driveway linemarking fee will be referred for consideration in the 2022/23 Fees and Charges as it was not exhibited as part of the draft Fees and Charges for 2021/22. The newly adopted documents will take effect from Thursday 1 July 2021.

Mayor and Councillor Fees and Superannuation

In response to advice received from the NSW Minister for Local Government and the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal, Council resolved to adopt the maximum mayor ($45,110 p.a.) and councillor ($20,690) fees determined by the Tribunal for 2021/22, noting that no increase had been awarded in 2020/21. Council further resolved that superannuation contributions be made to councillors from 1 July 2022, once relevant amendments are made to the Local Government Act 1993.

Planning Proposal – Miscellaneous Amendments

Following significant strategic planning work in recent years including preparation of a Local Strategic Planning Statement, Community Participation Plan and Local Housing Strategy, Council considered a report proposing various miscellaneous amendments to the Mosman LEP 2012. Council resolved to endorse a Planning Proposal containing these amendments and, subject to Gateway determination by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, exhibit the Planning Proposal for public comment. The relevant LEP amendments include amending the local objectives of Zones B1 and B2 to reference the importance of traditional shopfront proportions, local character and atmosphere; inserting wall height objectives for clause 4.3A and defining mansard roof; inserting a standard earthworks local provision; increasing capital investment value for exempt development at Taronga Zoo to $1.5 million and amending LEP maps to correct various anomalies.

Beach and Reserve Cleaning Contract

Having recently called tenders for its Beach and Reserve Cleaning Contract, Council resolved to accept the tender of Wescon Group and enter into a ten year contract commencing 1 October 2021. The contract covers the cleaning of beaches and reserves including litter picking, collection and servicing of bins in reserves and public places and the cleaning of selected open space assets.

Council Decided – 4 May 2021

Quarterly MOSPLAN Report and Financial Statement

Council received and adopted progress reports on the 2020-2021 MOSPLAN Operational Plan, as well as Council’s 2020-21 Budget for the January-March 2021 quarter. MOSPLAN delivery has remained largely on track, despite some ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. A further improvement of just under $200,000 has been made to the forecasted end-of-year operating result before capital grants and contributions, with a surplus of approximately $500,000 now expected.

Council Election 2021

Council noted recent advice from the NSW Electoral Commission regarding the proposed use of nine polling venues and a pre-polling venue (Boronia House) in Mosman for the September 4 Council elections. It was resolved that Council respond to the NSW Electoral Commission seeking seven polling venues only (not nine) and requesting that the community be provided with information advising of optimal times and places for voting, noting the additional impost of COVID-19. The timing of the elections will have an impact on Council meeting dates, with the September Council meeting (the first meeting for the new term) now scheduled to be held on Tuesday 14 September.

Tree Management and Associated Works

Following the receipt and assessment of tenders for tree management works from 1 July 2021, Council resolved to award five year contracts for various works to Summit Open Space Services and CJ Murphy Tree Recycling. A number of panel contractors were also approved to undertake additional works as required over the same period.

Mosman High School Redevelopment

A report was presented to Council outlining the scope of proposed redevelopment works at Mosman High School that are currently on public exhibition. A number of meetings have been held between Council and the Department of Education over the last few years and, as a result, substantial amendments have been made to the proposed works. Council acknowledged the improvements made to the plans and to the public benefits that will flow from improved sporting and teaching facilities at the school, however (in addition to other matters detailed in the report) raised ongoing concerns regarding the bulk and scale of the development. Council was also of the view that on-site parking should be provided below ground and challenged the Construction Traffic Management Plan on the basis that Belmont Road is a residential street with new roundabout infrastructure and trucks should be using main roads to access the site. A submission outlining Council’s concerns will be lodged for consideration by the NSW Department of Planning.

Public Amenities – Countess Street Park

Council considered a proposal calling for a report on the installation of toilet facilities at Countess Street Park. Following lengthy discussion and after hearing submissions from interested residents, it was resolved that Council prioritise Memory Park for the installation of toilet facilities, observe the outcomes from this facility and consider the success of this initiative prior to allocating a budget for the installation of other public facilities. To facilitate the process staff will prepare a report reviewing the current allocation of public toilets in Mosman parks, including recommendations identifying and prioritising sites where there is current unmet need.

Council Decided – 6 April 2021

Vale Lilliane Brady OAM

A Mayoral Minute was delivered in relation to the recent passing of Cobar’s Mayor, Councillor Lilliane Brady, NSW’s longest serving female Mayor. In her Mayoral Minute Councillor Corrigan stated that Councillor Brady was a trailblazer and mentor for women in local government. The Acting Mayor of Cobar, Councillor Peter Abbott, has written thanking Mosman Council for its support and care during this difficult time for the Cobar community.

Draft MOSPLAN Delivery Program, Operational Plan, Budget and Fees & Charges

Council resolved to place its draft revised 2018-2022 Delivery Program and 2021-2022 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges on exhibition for public comment. The exhibition period will run until Sunday 9 May and all draft documents are available on Council’s consultation website, as well as at Council’s Customer Service Centre and the Barry O’Keefe Library. Submissions can be made online or by regular post. Visit the above site for further details.

Audit Committee Membership

It was agreed by Council that the current Councillor representatives on the Audit Risk and Improvement Committee (Councillors Bendall, Sherlock and Cook (alternate delegate)) continue to serve on the Committee for the remainder of current term of Council. It was also agreed that the term for current independent Committee members (Mrs Louise Scambler, Mr Andrew Hanigan and Mr Brian Hrnjak) be extended by 12 months to 30 September 2022.

Remote Attendance by Councillors at Council Meetings

A consultation paper has recently been issued by the Office of Local Government (OLG) seeking views on proposed amendments to the Model Code of Conduct for NSW Councils allowing individual Councillors to attend meetings remotely by audio-link in certain circumstances. Council resolved to make a submission to the OLG fully supporting all the proposals detailed in the consultation paper Remote Attendance by Councillors at Council Meetings.

Mosman Climate Action Plan – Mitigation Strategy

In December last year a draft Climate Strategy and Action Plan was presented to Council. This followed Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in November 2019 and a series of public consultations held earlier in 2020. It was resolved by Council at that time that the draft document be exhibited for public comment and the Climate Strategy and Action Plan was subsequently exhibited from mid-December until the end of February 2021. The report submitted to the April 2021 Council meeting detailed the results of this consultation and included a revised draft for Council’s consideration. It was resolved that the document, now titled the Mosman Climate Action Plan – Mitigation Strategy be formally adopted. Provision has been made in the draft 2021-2022 Budget for initiatives that support the Plan’s objectives.

Public Carparking – Spit Road

In conjunction with the planning and delivery of the B-line project along Spit and Military Roads, Mosman Council previously received undertakings from Transport for NSW that 30 public carparking spaces would be made available as part of any redevelopment of the former cinema site at 7-11 Spit Road, at no cost to Council. The matter has recently progressed and, with further progress likely in 2021, Council resolved to delegate authority to the General Manager to finalise any details associated with provision of the 30 car spaces.

Draft Mosman Bay and Little Sirius Cove Plan of Management

A draft Plan of Management has been prepared by Council for Mosman Bay and Little Sirius Cove Foreshore Reserves. This follows the enactment of the Crown Land Management Act 2016, which requires Councils to prepare plans of management for crown reserves under their control. A one month consultation program has helped inform development of the draft Plan. Council considered the draft document and resolved that the draft Mosman Bay and Little Sirius Cove Foreshore Reserves Plan of Management be publicly exhibited for a period of six weeks. A further report will be submitted to Council at the conclusion of the exhibition period.

Spofforth Street

North Sydney Council recently released plans for the intersection of Spofforth Street and Rangers Road which is on the boundary of the Mosman Council local government area as well as where Spofforth Street intersects with Holt Avenue and Florence Street. The plans included new roundabouts, movement of bus stops, pedestrian refuges and curb build-outs. Council resolved to consult with Mosman residents regarding some of the proposed changes but to take no further action on the roundabouts and the movement of the bus stops. Following the consultation process the matter will be reported to Council for further consideration.

Council Decided – 2 March 2021

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Following its adoption of a new Child Safety Policy in August 2020, Council resolved to also adopt a Child Safety Code of Conduct. The new Code will apply to all staff, Councillors, volunteers and contractors. The Code sets expectations for how adults should behave around children when undertaking responsibilities for or on behalf of Council, identifying positive child safe behaviours as well as behaviours that are considered unacceptable.

Occasional Care

An update report was provided to Council on the issue of occasional care, following closure of the Mosman Occasional Childcare Centre (MOCC) in December 2019. The report noted minimal enquiries to Council regarding care and limited take-up of occasional/casual care offerings at five local childcare centres since the MOCC closure, also acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on take-up of places. A further update will be provided to Council in 12 months’ time. Council is currently recruiting a Children and Families Community Development Officer to work with both local providers and families to help deliver high quality outcomes for Mosman children.

Festival of Mosman

Council endorsed a draft program for the next Festival of Mosman, scheduled to be held from Friday 15 October to Sunday 24 October 2021. The ten day festival program will include a variety of events coordinated by Council, as well as events delivered by local community groups, organisations and businesses. Council events during the festival will include regular favourites such as Pet’s Day Out, the return of popular 2019 events including Dinner on the Green and a Traditional Sunset Ceremony on Balmoral Beach. Other activities include a street party at Mosman Junction, a Freedom of Entry parade for HMAS Penguin, and outdoor movie and concert performances. The full festival program will be finalised in coming months.

Scenic Protection Area

It was agreed by Council that, pending State Government approval to move forward with Council’s current planning proposal for the Mosman Scenic Protection Area, associated changes to the Mosman Residential DCP 2012 also be exhibited for public comment. Council also resolved to hold a workshop on options and implications for the scenic protection area and for the Mayor and the General Manager to pursue a reasonable and satisfactory solution to this matter with the Minister for Planning and State Member for North Shore.

Beach and Reserve Cleaning

Council considered specifications for a new Beach and Reserve Cleaning Contract for the period commencing 1 October 2021. Subject to a number of minor amendments, it was resolved by Council that the specifications presented by staff be endorsed and that tenders be called. A further report on this matter will be submitted to Council at the conclusion of the tender process.

Council Decided – 2 February 2021

2021 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan reported on the local Australia Day celebrations at Mosman Drill Hall, including the citizenship ceremony for 29 new citizens, and the announcement of Mosman’s 2021 Citizen of the Year Kathrina Doran and Young Citizen of the Year George Scammell. Both Kathrina and George were in attendance at the Council meeting and Mayor Corrigan again congratulated them on their achievement. Kathrina has worked tirelessly as a local volunteer over a number of years and for several organisations including Mosman Rowers, Mosman Football Club and Mosman Nippers. George, together with his brother Harry and sister Grace, founded and ran the hugely successful ‘Thank You Project Australia’, which has inspired over 70,000 notes of thanks and appreciation to fellow Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Farewell to Neal Garrett

Previous Mayors and senior staff attended the meeting to hear Mayor Corrigan deliver a Minute honouring Neal Garrett, who retired from Council after more than 42 years’ service on 26 January. The Mayor, Councillors, former Mayor Peter Abelson and former General Manager Viv May commended Mr Garrett – who attended the meeting with his wife Hong – on the great dedication, commitment, loyalty and discretion he had displayed during his lengthy employment with Council and wished him well in his retirement.

Budget Allocation – Woolworths Legal Appeal

After considering a further Mayoral Minute by Mayor Corrigan, Council resolved to dedicate sufficient funds in its 2020/21 legal budget to defend the Appeal lodged by Woolworths in the NSW Land and Environment Court regarding the supermarket operator’s proposed Metro store in Military Road.

Exposure Draft Bill on Local Government Rating Reform

Council considered the NSW Government’s recent response to IPART’s 2016 review of the local government rating system in NSW, and resolved to make a submission regarding the changes subsequently proposed by the State Government to the Local Government Act 1993.

Quarterly MOSPLAN Report and Financial Statement

Council received and adopted progress reports on the 2020-2021 MOSPLAN Operational Plan, as well as its 2020-21 Budget for the October – December 2020 quarter. MOSPLAN delivery and budget performance are largely on track despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a number of significant capital projects completed to date and an improvement of $400,000 on Council’s projected end of year operating result before capital grants and contributions.

2021 National General Assembly

The 2021 National General Assembly of Local Government will be held in Canberra from 20-23 June this year. Motions for the Assembly must be lodged by 26 March 2021 and Council resolved that Councillors submit any draft Motions for consideration by the Mayor and General Manager and subsequent lodgement prior to the closing date.

Environmental Impact Statement – Beaches Link and Gore Hill Freeway Connection

A report was presented to Council providing details of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) for the Beaches Link and Gore Hill Freeway Connection, currently on public exhibition until 1 March 2021. Council resolved that it provide in principle support for the project and that a Councillor workshop be arranged with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) in February to discuss the document. Council will then finalise a submission on the EIS, with relevant matters to include the establishment of a working group comprising TfNSW, Mosman and North Sydney Council to consider revitalisation of the Spit/Military Road corridor as part of the Beaches Link project, provision of adequate funding for this revitalisation, and minimisation of impacts associated with the project’s occupancy of Spit West Reserve through an appropriate leasing arrangement. Council will seek support directly from North Sydney Council to establish the working group.

Public Tree Vandalism – Unmade Amaroo and Unmade Kahibah North

Council staff were recently alerted by residents to a significant breach of Council Tree Preservation involving the illegal pruning and felling of semi-mature and mature trees within the Unmade Kahibah North and Unmade Amaroo Road Reserves. A thorough investigation into this breach is ongoing. Given the extreme nature of the illegal works, Council resolved to install a custom-made 8m x 2m tree preservation banner in the area of vandalised trees for a period of two years or until a successful prosecution is achieved.

Tender for Lease, Maintenance and Management of 2 Alexander Avenue

Having recently sought tenders for the future lease, maintenance and management of the property operating as a child care centre at 2 Alexander Avenue, Mosman, Council resolved to enter into a 5 year lease agreement with Jack and Jill Kindergarten Pty Ltd, with a further 5 year option, from 8 March 2021.

Council Decided – 1 December 2020

Council’s Meeting on 1 December was its last meeting for the year. The first meeting of Council in 2021 is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 2 February.

10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project

In response to a Mayoral Minute delivered by Mayor Carolyn Corrigan, Council resolved to endorse a short submission to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust in relation to its current exhibition of the Project Direction for the 10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal at Middle Head. The submission will support community use of the 10 Terminal precinct and buildings as an absolute priority for the site, the protection and celebration of the precinct’s unique indigenous and military history with no further buildings being constructed on the 10 Terminal site south of Middle Head Road, the timely progress of heritage restoration and reactivation of the 10 Terminal buildings for community use, the expansion of community parklands on the northern side of Middle Head Road following demolition of the dilapidated barracks buildings, and maximising accessibility overall by the community while also appropriately managing traffic and parking issues.

Local Action – Ending Violence Against Women

Council endorsed a further Mayoral Minute proposing that the General Manager, in consultation with the Mayor, investigate options for a community event in November/December 2021 that raises awareness and provides a local call to action against the unacceptable incidence of violence against women.

2019/20 Annual Report and Financial Statements

Council’s Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements for the 2019/20 Financial Year were tabled and presented to the public at the meeting. Any person may make a submission to Council in relation to the Audited Financial Reports or Auditors Reports until 8 December 2020. The Annual Report, which provides a comprehensive account of Council activities over the previous year, will now be referred to the NSW Minister for Local Government in accordance with legislative requirements. The report, including the Audited Financial Statements, is available here.

Scenic Protection Area Planning Proposal

Measures to protect the Mosman Scenic Protection Area through its permanent exclusion from the NSW Government’s Housing Code have been the subject of ongoing discussions between Council and the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for many years. Having explored all means available to it, Council has resolved to endorse a Planning Proposal to rezone land within the Mosman Scenic Protection Area from Zone R2 Low Density Residential to Zone E4 Environmental Living under the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 and to submit the Planning Proposal to the DPIE for Gateway determination prior to statutory public exhibition. In endorsing the Planning Proposal Council noted the public submissions received during initial consultations on the proposal, as well as support provided by the Mosman Local Planning Panel.

Balmoral RPS Parking Restrictions

A proposal to extend the length of summertime parking restrictions in Balmoral RPS Area 15 was recently the subject of public consultation. Council considered feedback received during the consultation period and subsequently resolved that no further action be taken on the matter. Summertime restrictions in the area will continue to apply during the months of December and January only.

Driveway Linemarking Fees

Having considered public feedback on a proposal to establish a fee for driveway linemarking, Council resolved to endorse a reduced fee of $79 per driveway for the service. This fee will assist Council in recouping the cost of associated site works.

Climate Strategy and Action Plan

Following its declaration of a Climate Emergency in November 2019 and a series of public consultations earlier this year, Council endorsed the draft Mosman Climate Strategy and Action Plan for public exhibition. The document, which provides a strategic framework to reduce CO2 emissions for both Council operations and the wider Mosman community, will be available for review at from 16 December. Submissions can be forwarded to Council until the end of February 2021.

Council also resolved to make a submission in support of climate change action in line with both the draft Climate Strategy and Action Plan and globally agreed targets to the House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy.

Boat Trailer Parking Review

Boat trailer parking has been an ongoing problem for residential streets in Mosman and in other local government areas. Recognising the limitations of current legislation to appropriately deal with this issue, Council resolved to trial a new approach in Redan Street between Raglan Street and Upper Almora Street. The 12 month trial, which will incorporate community consultation, will involve the erection of “No Parking, Motor Vehicles Excepted” signage along the nominated length of Redan Street.

Works on Council Property

Council considered two applications for works on Council property. In relation to the first, Council resolved not to approve the proposed construction of a new kayak rack at Pearl Bay, encouraging the applicant to make use of existing boat storage racks nearby. The second application for works to upgrade the Cenotaph at Mosman Park were approved subject to standard conditions, waiving of associated fees and all costs of works to be met by the Mosman Anzac Memorial Hall Trust. Council also resolved to lend its support to any funding applications submitted by the Trust to relevant grants programs.

Allan Border Oval Pavilion Redevelopment

Tenders were recently called for construction works associated with the redevelopment of the pavilion at Allan Border Oval, with a recommendation submitted to the meeting by staff to enter into negotiations with three shortlisted tenderers. This action was unanimously endorsed by Council, and delegated authority was granted to the General Manager in concurrence with the Mayor, to negotiate and enter into a contract with the selected tenderer. It is expected that the works will commence on-site following the summer cricket season in March 2021.

Council Decided – 10 November 2020

2020 Louise Petchell Memorial Award for Individual Sustainability

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan delivered a Mayoral Minute congratulating Council’s Environment Education Officer, Loani Tierney, on winning the 2020 Louise Petchell Memorial Award for Individual Sustainability. Loani has worked with Mosman Council for 10 years, during which she has been instrumental in the delivery of a range of environmental projects. Mayor Corrigan was joined by the President of Local Government NSW, Councillor Linda Scott, who formally presented Loani with her award.

Quarterly MOSPLAN Report and Financial Statement

Council received and noted progress reports on the 2020-2021 MOSPLAN Operational Plan, as well as its 2020-21 Budget for the July – September 2020 quarter. MOSPLAN delivery is well on track, and financial performance for the quarter has exceeded original budget expectations, with the forecasted year-end deficit significantly reduced by $771,900 to $96,500.

Mosman Jigsaw Project

Following the success of its Mosman Monopoly project in 2016, the Rotary Club of Mosman is now developing a 1000 piece, double-sided Mosman Jigsaw Puzzle, due for completion in early 2021. Proceeds from sale of the jigsaw puzzle featuring images of present day Mosman on one side and late nineteenth century Mosman on the reverse, will assist Mosman Rotary in delivering community projects. Council resolved to provide financial sponsorship of $5,000 for the jigsaw project, as well as covering related access fees for Mosman’s Local Studies Collection.

Mosman Local Housing Strategy

In August this year Council resolved to publicly exhibit the Draft Mosman Local Housing Strategy for comment. Following exhibition and after considering community feedback, Council has now resolved to adopt the Mosman Local Housing Strategy as exhibited. The adopted Strategy will be submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for approval.

Public Domain Manual

Following the recent exhibition of its Draft Public Domain Manual, Council resolved to adopt the new Manual which will guide the quality and standard of public domain assets in Mosman and help create a cohesive identity for Mosman’s public spaces.

Planning Panel Membership

Council considered membership of two planning panels relevant to Mosman – the Mosman Local Planning Panel (MLLP) and the Sydney North Planning Panel. It was resolved that, in relation to the Sydney North Planning Panel, Council’s current nominees – namely the Hon. Justice Paul Stein, Councillor Tom Sherlock and Mr Brian McDonald as alternate member be renominated to continue serving on that panel. Council also agreed that, in relation to the MLLP, Ministerial approval be sought to re-appoint Justice Stein as Panel Chair and Peter Wells and Lesley Finn as alternates to the Chair, and that all other existing expert and community members of the panel be reappointed for the period 6 March 2021 to 6 March 2024.

Traffic Blackspots – Spit Road/Balmoral

After discussing a range of issues relating to access to Spit Road from local streets to the east, and specific traffic concerns in those streets, Council resolved that a series of meetings be scheduled with relevant authorities to discuss matters including bus movements in Punch Street, traffic signals at the intersection of Spit Road and Stanton Road, and traffic light phasing at the intersection of Spit Road and Awaba Street.

Mosman Environmental Foundation Directors

Earlier this year the Mosman Environmental Foundation was formally registered on the Register of Environmental Organisations. The Foundation has been established to give effect to a $500,000 donation made to a charitable trust to raise funds and grants for environmental works in Mosman. Following a call for Directors of the Trustee for the Foundation, Council resolved to appoint six Directors from applications received, enabling the work of the Foundation to move forward.

Council Decided – 6 October 2020

Vale Diana Harlow Wachman

A Mayoral Minute was delivered by Mayor Corrigan paying tribute to local resident Diana (Diane) Wachman, who passed away in early September. Together with her husband Stanley, Diane made an outstanding contribution to the Mosman community. Diane was a founding member of the Festival of Mosman Committee and she and Stanley dedicated 22 years of their lives as volunteers at Mosman Art Gallery following its opening in 1998. Diane’s dedication to the cultural life of Mosman her and long history of working for the community was recognised in 2007 when she was named Mosman Citizen of the Year.

2020/21 Community Grants

Council resolved to allocate grants totalling almost $70,000 to community organisations as part of its 2020/21Community Grants program. Funding applications are assessed on their potential to make a difference to the well-being of the Mosman community. This year 31 applications were received and assessed, including nine applications from organisations that had not previously received funding under the annual grants program.

Amended Spring Events Calendar

Council received and noted a report on changes made to its Spring Events calendar, necessitated by the numerous restrictions that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. Council’s regular biennial ‘Out and About’ events series is not proceeding as planned, although alternate events including family movie nights at Mosman Art Gallery have been organised and well supported by the community. Business workshops will also be held at the Gallery in late October as part of Small Business Month.

Depending on the length and nature of ongoing restrictions, there may be opportunities to reschedule some activities in early 2021 including the popular Pet’s Day Out.

Draft 2019/20 Financial Statements

Council adopted its Draft Financial Statements for the year ending 30 June 2020, which will now be formally referred for audit in accordance with Council’s responsibilities under the Local Government Act 1993.
Council’s Income Statement for the year to 30 June 2020 discloses an operating deficit before capital grants and contributions of $169,000. This compares favourably to the $722,000 deficit projected at the end of the March quarter and reflects careful management of Council’s finances and the implementation of austerity measures during the latter part of the financial year.
Given the very trying circumstances in which Council, like many businesses, has operated since March 2020, Councillors acknowledged the excellent work undertaken in recent months to deliver this budget result.

Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans

Councillors considered a suite of documents presented to the meeting which are designed to guide Council’s efforts in asset management over coming years. These documents, including the 2020 Asset Management Policy and Strategy and Asset Management Plans for Buildings, Marine Structures, Parks and Open Space, Roads and Stormwater Assets, were subsequently adopted by Council. The associated financial modelling will be further reviewed during preparation of Council’s next Community Strategic Plan (due mid 2022) to take into account factors such as the impact of COVID-19.

Planning Panel Reforms

A report outlining recent changes made by the NSW Government to the operation of planning panels as part of its Planning Acceleration Program was presented to Council. In receiving the report, Council noted its appreciation for the excellent work done by the Mosman Local Planning Panel (MLPP) and how it values, in particular, the maintenance of open and transparent DA review meetings. The planning panel reforms will be the subject of future discussions with the Chair of MLPP.

COVID Summer Action Plan

Council discussed the COVID Summer Action Plan prepared by staff to assist in managing local beaches and major open spaces during the busy summer period. The plan, prepared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in line with NSW Health requirements, will be further updated as required and will be the subject of ongoing discussions with key agencies including NSW Police.

Climate Action Community Consultative Committee

Councillors considered applications received in response to its recent call for membership of Mosman’s newly established Climate Action Community Consultative Committee. Noting the high calibre of applications received, Council resolved to appoint six community members to the Committee which will meet for the first time later this year. The community representatives join Mayor Corrigan and Councillor Tom Sherlock on the Committee, with Councillor Simon Menzies being Council’s alternate delegate.

Council Decided - 1 September 2020

Election of Deputy Mayor

Councillor Libby Moline was elected unopposed to the position of Deputy Mayor. This is the second consecutive year Cr Moline has held the position, having been first elected to Council in 2008. Cr Moline will retain the position of Deputy Mayor until the next Council elections, scheduled for September 2021.

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan thanked Councillor Moline for her contribution to the role over the past year and wished her well for the year ahead.

Communications and Advertising

Council considered a report on the various communication and advertising channels being utilised to inform and engage the community on Council-related matters. In particular, the report referenced the return of print editions of the Mosman Daily newspaper following its temporary suspension in April this year, as well as changes and enhancements to communications channels resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. It was subsequently resolved by Council that its previous weekly advertising in the Mosman Daily be resumed and that various communications channels including the twice monthly e-newsletter introduced during COVID-19 continue to be utilised on an ongoing basis. Council will also review its community noticeboards and other digital advertising opportunities as they arise. It was further agreed that this matter again be reported to Council in 12 months’ time, with the report to include current circulation of the Mosman Daily print edition and information on how the publication is performing in terms of local news coverage.

Code of Conduct

Council has recently been advised by the NSW Office of Local Government of amendments to the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW, together with Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code. The amendments, which have immediate effect, are relatively minor in nature including language and definitional changes as well as changes to provisions relating to gifts and benefits and censuring of Councillors. Council noted the amendments and resolved to adopt the relevant changes to the Mosman Council Model Code of Conduct and Procedures.

Licence Agreements – Balmoral Baths

With the impending expiration of various licence agreements for use of clubroom facilities at Balmoral Baths, Council resolved to renew licence agreements with Balmoral Triathalon Club Inc., Balmoral Swimmers Inc. and The Spit Swimming Club Inc. for a further five years on similar terms and conditions to existing agreements.

Driveway Linemarking Fees

Council considered a report in relation to the costs associated with installation of linemarkings on either side of driveways to provide a visual reminder to drivers. At present, Council receives two to three requests per week from property owners for installation or repainting of these markings. Having considered the associated cost to Council and fees charged for this service by other councils in metropolitan Sydney, Council approved a public notification process advising of a proposed fee of $165 per driveway for installation of new driveway lines or remarking of existing lines. This proposal is to be advertised for a period of 28 days and the outcome including feedback received will then be reported to the next available Council meeting.

Balmoral Summertime Parking Restrictions

A report was presented to Council outlining the results of a recent review of the Balmoral Resident Parking Scheme Area 15. The review found that the relevant summertime parking restrictions are working well, although identified potential merit in extending them to include the months of November and February. Having considered the report it was agreed by Council that residents of Balmoral Parking Scheme Area 15 be consulted on both the current operation of the scheme and the proposal to extend summertime parking restrictions to November and February each year. The outcomes of this consultation will be reported to the next available Council meeting.

Public Spaces Legacy Program

Early last month the NSW Government announced the launch of a $250 million Public Spaces Legacy Program as part of ongoing work to protect the health of the community and provide economic and jobs stimulus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the program, funding is available to councils that can demonstrate a significant acceleration of their planning decision process between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021. Following consideration of a report on this matter, Council resolved to endorse the application made to the funding program by the deadline of 28 August, which will potentially deliver $4.75m in funding to undertake public space improvement works in Mosman. In order to be eligible for this funding – which will facilitate a range of infrastructure works including the Bradleys Head Road footpath link, landscaping at Mosman Park, improvements to Mosman Square and the Village Green, walking track, playground and parkland accessibility improvements – a commitment has been made to accelerate planning assessments in Mosman by 15% between September 2020 and June 2021. Staff are confident that the reduction in determination times can be achieved without diminishing the time provided to the community to make submissions or any loss of transparency or robustness in the assessment process.

Memory Park Fencing

Council gave further consideration to a decision made earlier this year undertake limited extensions to fencing at Memory Park to fully enclose the large tower playspace. After hearing representations from local residents and park users it was resolved that Council proceed to install new fencing at Memory Park in accordance with ‘Option 4’ as presented to the Council meeting of 3 March 2020, namely to fully enclose the area of park comprising the large tower play space, the toddler play space and swings space.

Outdoor Dining Fees

After hearing representations from local business owners regarding Council fees and charges applicable to outdoor dining spaces, Council resolved to continue its use of the National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct in its dealings with tenants.