Dog and Cat Registration

Dog and Cat Registration

The NSW Companion Animals Act 1998 provide for the identification and registration of cats and dogs, how they are managed and the duties and responsibilities of their owners in NSW.

Local councils administer and enforce this legislation, as well as update registration information on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

Step 1 (This step is performed by the breeder or pet shop owner.)

The animal must be micro-chipped and the Permanent identification (P1A) form completed. The pink copy will be given to the new owner when they receive the animal.

Step 2 (This is required only once in the lifetime of the pet.)

Before your pet reaches 6 months you must have completed the Lifetime Registration (R2) form . To complete this form you must know the microchip number. If your registration is for a desexed animal then you will also be required to show proof of sterilisation. Submit the form along with a copy of the sterilisation certificate and payment to council.

Changing Address

When you move address you are required to complete the Change of Address Notice (C3C) and submit this to council within 14 days of the move taking place.

Changing Animal Ownership

If your animal changes ownership both the new and old owner are required to complete the Change of Owner/Details C3A form together. Submit this to council within 14 days of the change taking place.

Death of a Companion Animal

Council must also be advised when your companion animal passes away. Supply council with the microchip and the date of passing.

Any further enquiries please contact the council on 9978 4000 or by completing the enquiry form Animal Enquiries .