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Report It

If you would like to report something to Council, please select a category from the form options below. Your message will be directed to the person responsible for that area. If you have a general enquiry please use the General Enquiry form. Alternatively, you can also report issues via the MyMosman app which allows you to include images to support your submission.

Any submitted reports may require submission of personally identifiable information (such as a name, street address, phone number and email address), however this information will only be used in order to resolve and respond to requests. To view our full privacy policy click here.

Most issues are resolved quickly, although depending on the work required, some may take longer. If your report is urgent, you may contact Council on 9978 4000. After hours you may leave a voice message or if required you can be diverted to Council’s emergency contact.

For all emergencies call Triple Zero (000).

To be classified as an Abandoned Vehicle the vehicle’s registration must be out of date. If the registration is still current the vehicle is not abandoned.

You can check a vehicle's registration details online by entering the vehicle's NSW registration plate number on the Service NSW website. If the registration is confirmed as expired please enter your request.

If the Abandoned Vehicle is in a dangerous position please contact the Rangers immediately on 9978 4081.

To report issues on the impact of feral animals including foxes, rabbits, mynah birds or feral cats or to seek advice on animal control.

Advice and assistance with injured animals can be obtained from the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES) 1300094 737 and Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services 02 9413 4300.

For more info: Pests and Weed Control

Please have as much information as possible including the address where the dog resides and the times of day the dog barks. For repeat offenders the Ranger can issue the owner with a Nuisance Dog Order.

The Ranger needs to hear the dog barking on numerous occasions and for extended periods of time before they can fine or place nuisance orders on the dog and this can sometimes prove difficult.

Further information on barking dogs.

Dog Attacks

Vicious dog attacks are urgent situations which may have caused physical harm to a person or another animal. In these cases, please contact the Rangers immediately on 9978 4081.

General queries, advice and Investigation relating to bushland.

Requests to maintain:

  • Tracks
  • Trails
  • Signage
  • Fencing in bushland areas
  • Report blocked or damaged pipes causing flooding to Council. Phone 9978 4000 or complete the below form.
  • Report stormwater pollution incidents in Mosman to Council’s Rangers on 9978 4081.
  • Report stormwater pollution incidents outside Mosman to the relevant Council, or phone the EPA pollution line on 131 555.
  • Report sewage spills to Sydney Water phone 13 20 90.
  • Report leaks of potable (drinking) water into private property to Sydney Water on 13 20 90.

For development related stormwater issues, refer to:

Stormwater Management in Mosman (211 kB)
Stormwater System Plans (3 MB)

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a Council decision, policies, procedures, charges, employees, agents or the quality of the services it provides. A complaint may be minor however it must also be reasonable.

It is not a request for a Council service, feedback, a report of malfunction, damaged or faulty infrastructure ie a pothole or hazard, neighbour dispute, submission regarding a development application or unauthorised building works and the like. These matters should be reported through the other options listed in the drop down menu.

Requests relating to the maintenance of vegetation and trees to reduce fire hazards in bushland areas, parks, reserves and sports fields.

Requests for traffic or parking investigation such as a pedestrian crossing, speed hump, one hour parking restriction or parking permit.

For enquiries regarding private property – illegal removal, trees on a development site and public trees.

If immediate help is required please contact the Rangers immediately on 9978 4081.

Bushland, Road Reserves, Sportsfields, Private Property Advice/Investigation.

All complaints relating to the removal of asbestos by builders and demolition companies should be referred to Workcover NSW on 13 10 50.

In situations where there are concerns regarding the removal of asbestos and it is not a work situation, contact Council on 9978 4000.

For more info on Asbestos

To report graffiti on private property or Council property please contact:

Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) on 0418 478 842 or email identifying yourself as a Mosman resident and provide location and details OR Council on 99784036 (8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday).

These organisations may be contacted direct for removal of graffiti from their property:

Electrical boxes/substations/kiosks/street light poles Ausgrid 131 365
Major roads, including street signs RTA 131 700
Public telephones Telstra 180 22 44
Buses, trains, ferries 131 500
Post boxes etc Australia Post 13 13 18
Sydney Water infrastructure Sydney Water 1800 010 085

For more info Graffiti and Vandalism

All food related illness complaints, such as food poisoning, should be immediately directed to the NSW Food Authority on 1300 650 124 or by email to

All other food related complaints or concerns about a particular food premises, food stall or mobile food van operating in Mosman should be directed to Council.


This request type includes various health matters including;
Hair and beauty practitioners, vermin, mould, keeping of chickens, compost, rats, pools on private property where the water is in a poor state e.g. green, mouldy and smelly.

Ring the Waste Hotline 9978 4076 to report partial services, bin spillage, missed services or bin not put back in correct place. Dumped waste and litter removal on public land can also be reported via the Waste Hotline.

To view your waste calendars, click here

Call Transport Info on 131500. If possible, please provide the bus stop number shown at the stop to enable Transport NSW to accurately locate the stop affected.

To report issues relating to accessibility defects and repair needs. These may include issues of accessible parking, pram ramps, pathways and accessible toilets.

Air pollution can include issues with wood fire heaters and backyard burning.
If immediate help is required please contact the Rangers on 9978 4081.

If you find any damaged Telstra pits please report here.

Management of streetlights, including repair and replacement of faulty/broken lights, is the responsibility of Ausgrid, not Council.

To report outages, please use Ausgrid’s online reporting system, or contact Ausgrid on 1800 044 808.

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