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Living Seawall comes to life

Posted on Tuesday 21 February 2023

A project that will provide much-needed habitats for marine organisms is taking shape along The Spit, with special modular habitat panels fitted to seawalls, mimicking features of nature, such as rockpools, crevices and hollows. See the video here.

The panels, which increase the surface area for marine life and also provide protective habitats, has been installed along the seawall at Ellery Park, near The Spit.

Living Seawalls in other parts of Sydney Harbour support at least 36 per cent more species, including invertebrates, seaweed and fish, and increase biodiversity more than plain, unmodified seawalls with similar results expected along the nearby Mosman shorelines.

The Sydney Institute of Marine Science Living Seawalls program is funded by Mosman Environmental Foundation’s inaugural grants program and supported by Mosman Council.

Photo credit: Aria Lee.