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Mosman charges up

Posted on Wednesday 7 June 2023

As Mosman’s electric vehicle public fast charging network passes another major milestone, saving more than 100,000 kg of CO2 since the chargers’ installation, Council is supporting the move through its own vehicles, with its Hyundai Ioniq now sporting a distinctive digital livery in blue. 

The fully electric vehicle offers a range of more than 250km after reaching full charge, which takes about 47 minutes when using a fast charger. 

Council’s three fast chargers at Mosman Square and Raglan Street West car parks now average a total of more than 170 sessions together, saving more than 2,800 kg of CO2 each week.

The chargers help curb Mosman’s carbon footprint as electricity supplied through the charger to electric vehicles is renewable, avoiding the burning of fossil fuels, with usage monitored so that Council can anticipate the expected growth in the use of chargers as more motorists opt for electric vehicles in coming years.