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Compost Bins and Worm Farms

Did you know that 4.45 million tonnes of food is thrown out across Australia per year, making food the most wasted commodity in Australian households?

But what of the unavoidable food waste such as vegetable peelings and egg shells? Composting and worm farming will transform these valuable items to soil. The humble worm farm and compost bin will not only add soil to the garden but will:

  • supply nutrients
  • increase moisture retention
  • add helpful bacteria
  • improve soil structure allowing pathways for air and water.
  • reduce erosion as the humus helps soil particles to hold tightly together
  • suppress soil borne diseases by microorganisms commonly associated with compost
  • not generate excess methane gas (a green house gas) as nature based systems are oxygenated

These are some of the wonderful natural services provided just through the simple art of composting and worm farming. So why not join the Compost Revolution!

TW 220L Compost Bin Packaging

Purchase our great little worm farms and composting bins at subsidised prices. And – we deliver!

Compost Bins

The Tumbleweed compost bin sits on any surface and is easy to use. Simply load your bin with grass clippings, small pieces of garden waste and kitchen waste then clip the lid in place to keep flies out and darkness in. This Stable open base compost bin is made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Solid Black Plastic Compost Bin 220L – $46.00

The Tumbleweed Compost Bin can be purchased either direct from Mosman Council or at Compost Revolution.

Worm Farms

Mosman Council are now selling Vermi Hut worm farms with a touch of elegance for those who would like a worm farm with more style or for those with limited space.

vermi worm farm 4 up

  • Vermi Hut Worm Farm (3 tray) colour terracotta 40L – $70.50

The Vermi Hut worm farm can be purchased from Compost Revolution. These compact units will house 20,000 worms and are suitable for a household of one to four people.

  • RELN Worm Factory Worm Farm 63L – $69.50

The Reln Worm Factory can be purchased direct from Mosman Council.

Order today

Compost bins and worm farms are delivered to residents’ homes.

Eco House & Garden workshops


The Kimbriki Eco House and Garden is the place to learn how to apply organic gardening principles to everyday gardening. This includes composting, worm farming, mulching and low waste organic gardening.

Help sheets

Help sheets from the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage:

* Easy Guide to Worm Farming
* Easy Guide to Composting
* The Marvel of Mulch

Costa’s Guide to Household Composting

This short tutorial presented by Planet Ark ambassador Costa Georgiadis will tell you everything you need to know about composts and worm farms for the home.