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From the Bay to Balaklava

Posted on Monday 13 September 2021

From its wild and woolly days to the confines of urbanisation, Mosman Bay has had a charm and mystery that continues to appeal to residents and visitors.

This secluded bay has served many uses and offered many attractions. In 1788, it provided a haven for HMS Sirius maintaining a respectable distance between the crew and the evils of the new settlement across the harbour. In 1831, the bay found a use as the location for Archibald Mosman’s whaling station, then as the setting for some very noxious but essential industries.

The bay was the ideal retreat for day-trippers happy to picnic by the waterfall, drop into the dance hall, skate at the skating rink or stroll across the Bolivia Bridge.

This online exhibition explores the beauty of Mosman Bay and the changes brought about by its popularity and the impact of Harnett’s proposed Village of Balaklava up the hill from the bay.

This exhibition will be on view on the Mosman Library Services Facebook page.