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Council Decided – 5 July 2022

Posted on Thursday 7 July 2022

National Assembly of Local Government 2022 

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan reported on the 2022 National Assembly of Local Government held in Canberra in late June. Mayor Corrigan noted that the Assembly welcomed the proclamation of a Local Government Cabinet Minister in the newly elected Federal Government, Minister Catherine King, who announced her strong desire to re-establish the Australian Council of Local Governments. Ms King is supported by the new the Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Territories, Kirsty McBain, former Mayor of Bega Valley Shire. Matters discussed at the Assembly included Local Government’s capacity to deliver services, the level of support provided by other spheres of government, and the unique position of Councils in supporting local communities and ensuring citizen voices are heard..

Australian Early Development Census

Councillors were provided with a report on the results of the 2021 Australian Early Development Census, noting that Mosman children are doing very well on major indices as they begin their early school years. There is some concern around a reduced percentage of children being developmentally ‘on track’ in the emotional and language domains, although results are still well above State and National figures and are explained to some degree by the COVID-19 upheavals over the past few years. Council will ensure that the results of the census are used to help inform Council programming for young children in future years, as well as Council’s ongoing support and assistance to early childhood providers in Mosman.

Leases and Licences – Parriwi Park and Spit East Reserve

Following community consultation on the proposed extension and/or regularisation of areas of Crown land utilised by community organisations at Parriwi Park and Spit East Reserve, Council resolved to formally approve future leasing and licencing arrangements for these areas of land. The affected areas include land used by Mosman Rowing Club at Parriwi Park and by Marine Rescue NSW at Spit East Reserve.

Enterprise Risk Management

Council’s Enterprise Risk Management Policy establishes the framework for Council’s overall approach to risk management. Improvements have been made to this policy, with the amended policy considered and noted by the Audit Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC) in 2021. After considering a report on this matter Council formally resolved to adopt the amended Enterprise Risk Management Policy, as previously circulated and noted by ARIC.

Tender for Road Surfacing, Patching and Associated Works

Mosman Council recently participated in a tender coordinated by the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils for road surfacing, patching and associated works. A report on the tender process was presented to Council, with Council resolving to enter into contracts with a range of panel contractors for asphalting and other services for the period 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2024. Individual councils, including Mosman, will be able to extend these contracts by up to two years at their discretion.

Mosman Flood Study

Council resolved to proceed with its Flood Risk Management process following a number of obstacles and delays in recent years. Manly Hydraulics Laboratory is to be appointed to undertake the Flood Study component of this process, with appropriate grant applications being made to support the necessary work. It was also agreed that a communications plan be prepared as part of the process, including a dispute mechanism available to affected properties. Regular updates will be provided to Council in relation to the ongoing flood management process.

Local Traffic Study Report – Spit Road and Awaba Street

Following presentations by several residents Council resolved to prepare a Traffic Management Plan for the option of a ‘No Left Turn’ restriction at the Spit Road/Awaba Street (east) intersection, with discussion of TMP parameters at a Councillor Workshop. Council also resolved that the option of traffic lights at the Spit Road/Stanton Road be further considered in parallel with the ‘No Left Turn’ TMP once prepared.

Open Space Small Area Maintenance Contract

Tenders were recently called for Council’s Open Space Small Area Maintenance Contract 2022-2027 following Council’s decision in April 2022 to approve the specifications and call for tenders. Following consideration of a report detailing the results of the tender process, Council resolved to accept the tenders of Edge Greenkeeping and Citywide Service Solutions for Components 1 and 2 of the contract respectively, and to approve Fresh Landscapes and Green Options as panel contractors for additional works. The relevant contracts will commence on 1 September 2022 and conclude on 31 August 2027.

Mosman Square and Village Green Upgrade Tender

Council considered a report in relation to the recent tender assessment for works to be undertaken as part of the Mosman Square and Village Green Upgrade. It was agreed that Council decline to accept the tender received and to commence negotiations with a view to entering into a contract for works. It was noted that works may need to be re-scoped to ensure the project can be delivered within budget and Council will be advised of any significant changes required.