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Council Decided – 5 October 2021

Posted on Friday 8 October 2021

Future Proofing Royal North Shore Hospital

In response to a Mayoral Minute presented by Mayor Carolyn Corrigan regarding proposed new development on the grounds of Royal North Shore Hospital, it was unanimously agreed that Council write to the Premier, Minister for Health and Minister for Planning highlighting the Mosman community’s reliance on the hospital as a centre of medical excellence, medical research and care. Council will urge the government to ‘ring fence’ and future proof the RNSH campus site to ensure it is available solely for the expansion of public hospital and/or community healthcare facilities.

Councillor Report – Taronga Zoo

Councillor Bendall presented a report in response to Council’s previous resolution that he report on his 9-year term as Council’s representative on the Taronga Conservation Society Australia Board. It was resolved that the report be noted and Councillor Bendall be thanked for his presentation. This matter will also be referred to the next elected Council for further consideration.

Tender for Pre-packed Meals and Prepared Food – Mosman Meals

Council considered the recent tender process for provision of pre-packed meals and prepared food for use by Mosman Meals and Council’s Community Restaurant. Following discussion on the matter Council resolved that it decline to accept the tender received and that following receipt of further information and clarifications Council enter into negotiations with the shortlisted tenderer with a view to entering into a contract.

Disability Inclusion Plan 2021-2025

A report was submitted to Council outlining work undertaken over recent months to develop a new Disability Inclusion Plan for Mosman following engagement with the local community and relevant stakeholders. Council resolved that the draft Disability Inclusion Plan be placed on public exhibition for a period of 6 weeks and that, following review of community submissions received, the plan be submitted again to Council for approval.

Complaints Management 2020-2021

Each year a report is submitted to Council detailing complaints lodged during the previous financial year and also accolades received over the same period. During 2020/21, 62 formal complaints were received by Council, all of which were resolved. A total of 166 documented accolades were also received during the year. In the report presented to Council for 2020/21, reference was also made to the significant number of customer interactions dealt with over the reporting period, which included almost 172,000 inbound phone calls to Council and more than 10,000 face-to-face enquiries or transactions handled by Council’s Customer Service Team.

Infrastructure Contributions Reform

A further update report was provided to Council in relation to the NSW government’s proposed infrastructure contributions reforms. This was in addition to a Mayoral Minute delivered by Mayor Corrigan regarding recent advocacy undertaken by Mosman and Councils across metropolitan Sydney opposing the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2021. Council resolved to continue to advocate against the proposed changes through NSROC, LGNSW and in cooperation with the City of Sydney. Authority was delegated to the General Manager in consultation with the Mayor to maintain Councils position on the issue through further advocacy.

Bradleys Head Road Footpath Link

Council considered a report outlining the tender process for construction of the Bradleys Head Road Footpath link and resolved to accept the tender from Regal Innovations Ltd for a lump sum price of $888,786 plus GST. This project, which will complemented by adjacent landscaping works, has received resounding support from the community in previous consultations and will be primarily funded through the NSW Government’s Public Spaces Legacy Program. Works are due to commence in late 2021 and be completed by May 2022.

COVID Summer Plan

A revised COVID Summer Plan was submitted to Council detailing recent changes to Public Health Orders and amendments made to Council’s previous plan. The COVID Summer Plan 2021-2022 will guide Council’s management of public spaces, including the role of COVID Marshals in coming months. The plan operates alongside Council’s other service delivery responses to the pandemic. 

Reid Park Bike Track

Council resolved to rescind a second resolution passed in relation to the Reid Park bike track at its meeting in September. Accordingly, the only resolution to be actioned regarding this matter is to support a meeting between Council, National Parks & Wildlife and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust to discuss the potential for a bike track in the area and, further, to maintain the status quo at Reid Park and fast-track formalisation of the bike track at that site through the relevant Plan of Management.