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Council Decided – 8 November 2022

Posted on Thursday 10 November 2022

MOSPLAN and Budget Quarterly Report – July-September 2022

The first quarterly report detailing progress against Council’s adopted Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget for 2022-2023 was presented to Council. The report identified good progress in service delivery and solid financial results, despite some ongoing challenges associated with COVID and the current inflationary environment.  

Statement of Business Ethics Policy

Council approved minor amendments to its Statement of Business Ethics Policy to acknowledge organisational values, provide greater clarity around key business principles and recognise current legislative requirements applying to local government. This policy is an essential element of Council’s fraud and corrupt conduct prevention framework, and particularly relevant to Council’s procurement and tendering practices.

2021-2022 Annual Report and Financial Statements

Council’s Statutory Annual Report for 2021-2022 was presented to Council, outlining progress during the last financial year and covering a range of statutory reporting obligations. The document also includes a report on Council’s progress in implementing its Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

The Audited Financial Statements for 2021-2022 were also tabled at the meeting, illustrating a much improved financial position and a $1.392 million operating surplus before capital grants and valuation increments at year end.

Accolades and Complaints

A report was presented detailing Council’s Complaints Register for 2021/22 and including a list of accolades received by Council over the last financial year. In relation to complaints, the total number received over the period was 36; being a significant reduction on the 62 complaints received in 2020/21, and equal to the number of complaints received in 2019/20. Of all the complaints received, over 58% were resolved within 5 days. During 2020/21 there were also 118 written accolades received by Council and referred to Council’s Executive Team in relation to exceptional service by staff.

Climate Action Plan – Resilience and Adaptation Strategy

Following an extended period of community consultation on its draft Climate Action Plan – Resilience and Adaptation Strategy, Council resolved to adopt the strategy including some minor amendments in response to community feedback. In adopting the document Council noted that it will review the Strategy every four years in order to ensure alignment with climate change predictions, priority issues, gaps and service levels.

Senior Staff Employment Submission

Council resolved to make a submission to the NSW Office of Local Government advising that it does not support a proposed change to employment arrangements for senior staff working in local Councils. The proposal involves removing Councils’ current option of employing senior staff on fixed term contacts (as is current practice at Mosman) and requiring that all Council staff (with the exception of the General Manager) be employed under the provisions of the Local Government (State) Award.