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Council Decided – 9 November 2021

Posted on Friday 12 November 2021

The Council Meeting held on 9 November 2021 was the final meeting of the current term of Council. The next meeting of Council will be held following the local government elections scheduled for 4 December 2021.

2017-2021 Council Term

Mayor Corrigan presented a Mayoral Minute reflecting on the current Council term, the challenges faced as a community and as a nation and Council’s performance over the period. The Mayor thanked her Councillor colleagues and staff for their contributions during the 2017-2021 term and wished everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022. An End of Term report detailing Council’s performance since 2017 was also submitted to Council, providing an overview of service delivery and financial management during this time.

2020-2021 Annual Report and Financial Statements

Council’s Statutory Annual Report for 2020-2021 was also presented to Council, outlining progress during the last financial year and covering a range of statutory reporting obligations. The document also included Council’s State of the Environment Report for the period 2017-2021 and a report on Council’s progress in implementing its Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

The Audited Financial Statements for 2020-2021 were also tabled at the meeting, illustrating a $455,000 reduction in Council’s budgeted operating deficit before capital grants and contributions ($868,000) at year end.

2020-2021 Report of the Committee Chair – Audit Risk and Improvement Committee

The Chair of Mosman’s Audit Risk and Improvement Committee, Louise Scambler, submitted her report on the Committee’s operations for the period December 2020 to November 2021. Ms Scambler was represented at the meeting by Committee member Andrew Hannigan, with the meeting also attended by Council’s Internal Auditor Susan Leahy. Mr Hannigan and Ms Leahy spoke positively about the work of the Committee and about Mosman Council’s governance over the period.

MOSPLAN and Budget Quarterly Report – July-September 2021

The first quarterly report detailing progress against Council’s adopted Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget for 2021-2022 was presented to Council. The report identifies good progress in service delivery, despite the challenges of the extended COVID lockdown, but also reflects the challenge in managing Council’s finances which have been significantly impacted by reduced revenue streams over the quarter. Careful management of Council’s finances will continue to be a focus as the community emerges from lockdown.

Mosman Square Revitalisation – Public Consultation

The results of recent community consultation on concept plans for revitalisation of Mosman Square and the Village Green were reported to Council. A total of 36 public submissions were received in relation to the concept plans. Overall, feedback was positive, with some suggestions already reflected in revised concept plans and other elements including fountain relocation, playground location and paving suitability requiring further review during the detailed design phase. Council resolved to proceed to detailed design for the project, with tenders for the works expected to be sought in the first quarter of 2022.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Council acknowledged the significant and growing number of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) available for use in Mosman and resolved to investigate registering these machines with St Johns Ambulance and/or other AED locator apps to facilitate fast location during health emergencies. The custodians of AEDs at privately owned or managed facilities known to Council will also be encouraged to register their machines.

Road Safety and Traffic Flow – Plunkett Road

Council resolved to address road safety and traffic issues in Plunkett Road by undertaking a 3 month trial (commencing 1 December 2021) involving changes to No Stopping restrictions at the mid point of Plunkett Road from Monday- Friday to weekends and public holidays, and extending No Stopping east of Bayview Avenue a further 20 metres east along Plunkett Road. Council staff will consult with residents during this period and report back to Council in 2022. The matter will also be referred to the Mosman Local Traffic Committee to resolve any technical issues or to make any appropriate changes for the trial to proceed.