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Parking apps

Posted on Wednesday 27 January 2021

Mosman motorists will soon have access to two pay-by-app services following the introduction of the NSW government’s Park’nPay application to Mosman last July and the forthcoming introduction of an alternative app, CellOPark.

Both apps can be used to pay for parking in foreshore parking areas, including The Spit, Balmoral, Clifton Gardens, Rosherville Reserve and also near Taronga Zoo.

The CellOPark app enables users to begin payment when they arrive and end payment when they leave, thereby only paying for the time they occupy the parking spot, rather than having to estimate the time they will stay. CellOPark users will also not be charged for the ‘free’ three-hour period to which parking permit holders are entitled as the app automatically allows for that.

Users of the Park’nPay app can pay upon arrival, avoid fines by receiving notifications when parking is about to expire and top up via phone.

Parking meter stickers will include information about the apps.