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Swap your Huskee around Mosman!

Posted on Friday 8 November 2019

Residents and businesses are being encouraged to ditch single-use take-away cups in a new program to help reduce the impact of single-use take-away cups in the community.

HuskeeSwap, an initiative in which Mosman Council has partnered with the EPA, enables people to exchange their existing HuskeeCup and lid for a clean one when ordering their next coffee or hot drink at participating Mosman cafes.

The program reduces single-use cups which are typically used for a short time before being discarded and added to landfill because most are not recyclable due to their plastic content.

To join the program, participants purchase their first cup and make an order. Upon ordering the second and subsequent hot drinks, the returned cup and lid will be exchanged for a new clean HuskeeCup, which may be a different colour or, if a different-sized drink is ordered, size, adding to the sense of fun.

The Good Design Award-winning cup is made from coffee husk, a waste material produced in the milling of coffee, which has good thermal properties to keep drinks warmer for longer and is dishwasher safe. Once the cup has reached the end of its life it is recyclable making the whole process highly sustainable.

The program builds on previous programs run by Council to reduce single-use products, including items associated with food outlets and general shopping such as single–use plastic bags and plastic straws as well as the single-use take-away coffee cup.

Participating cafes include Berkelo, Don Adan Coffee House, Don Adan Coffee Tree, Montmatre, The Mews, Penny Royal, Three Beans, The Source, Avenue Cafe and Bloom. To learn more about the program visit