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Council Decided – 1 August 2023

Posted on Wednesday 2 August 2023

Community Grants 2023/24

A total of $68,982 was allocated to 21 community organisations through Council’s 2023/24 Community Grants Program. A wide variety of projects and initiatives have been funded under the program, including dance and music programs, resilience and support for young people, life skills for people living with disability, community gardening, environmental programs, community events and upgraded facilities and equipment.

Privacy Management Plan

Council’s Privacy Management Plan, most recently updated in 2018 has recently been reviewed to ensure it complies with better practices and current standards. As a result of this review, Council resolved to adopted an updated Privacy Management Plan which, among other amendments, now responds to the Mandatory Notification of Data Breach Scheme expected to commence in late November this year. Further requirements in relation to this scheme – including the development of a new Data Breach Policy – are also being actively addressed.

Policy Reviews – Swimming Pools Inspection Program and Keeping of Poultry

Council also considered recent policy reviews in relation to its Keeping of Poultry Policy and Swimming Pools Inspection Program. As both reviews found that Council’s existing policies remain largely appropriate for current use with only minor amendments required, it was resolved that the revised policies be adopted. These revised policies, together with the revised Privacy Management Plan, will be available on Council’s website shortly.

Variations to Development Standards

In considering the regular quarterly report on variations to development standards granted under clause 4.6 of the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012, Council resolved that relevant determinations of the NSW Land and Environment Court be included in future reports.

Traffic Investigation – Spit Road/Awaba Street No Left Turn, Stanton Road/Spit Road Traffic Lights

In recent years Council has conducted or commissioned various investigations into delays experienced by motorists leaving the Balmoral area via Spit Road. Following the most investigation and presentation of findings to Councillors, Council considered a further report on this matter. It was subsequently resolved that no further action be taken at this time in relation to the installation of Traffic Lights at Spit Road/Stanton Road or a Left hand Turning Restriction from Awaba Street to Spit Road westbound. In reaching its decision Council noted that Traffic Lights at Stanton Road do not meet Transport for NSW vehicular and pedestrian warrants, Left Hand Turn Restrictions from Awaba Street may result in increased traffic in other roads and have unintended consequences, the time saving benefits are not significant given the cost of each option and neither option is supported by Transport for NSW. It was further resolved that Council raises this matter with Transport for NSW as part of its commitment to investigate corridor improvements following cancellation of the Beaches Link project.

Community Engagement - Councillors

Council resolved that staff facilitate ‘Meet Your Councillors’ events in the Barry O’Keefe Library when appropriate.