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Council Decided – 5 April 2022

Posted on Friday 8 April 2022

Membership – Community Consultative Committees

In March 2022 Councillors met to consider Expressions of Interest received from the community for membership of various Community Consultative Committees. These Committees provide opportunities for community members to actively contribute to conversations about local issues and services. Council resolved at this meeting to make appointments to the Access and Mobility, Active Transport and Arts and Culture Committee, noting the significant number of applications received and the high calibre of applicants overall. Formal notification of successful applicants is currently underway.

Draft MOSPLAN, Budget and Contributions Plan

Council resolved to place its latest MOSPLAN, including the draft 2022-2032 Community Strategic Plan, 2022-2032 Long Term Financial Plan, 2022-2026 Workforce Plan, 2022-2026 Delivery Program and 2022-2023 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges on public exhibition. Preparation of these documents followed an extended period of community consultation and consideration by Councillors. The draft Budget includes provision for an Additional Special Rate Variation which, subject to approval by IPART, will result in a 2.3% rate increase in 2022/23. This is in accordance with the 10 year Long Term Financial Plan previously adopted by Council in 2018 and follows advice from the NSW Office of Local Government that IPART will consider previously exhibited rate increases for 2022/23 in light of the 0.7% rate peg set in late 2021 and more recent inflationary pressures.

The draft MOSPLAN documents can be viewed here or by visiting the Civic Centre or Barry O’Keefe Library. Submissions on the documents will be received up until Sunday 15 May. Following community comment, these documents will be referred for adoption in June and will come into force on July 1 this year.

To give effect to some of the proposals included in the draft MOSPLAN documents it was also resolved that the Mosman Development Contributions Plan 2018 be amended and the relevant amendments be exhibited for public comment. The exhibition of an amended Mosman Contributions Plan 2022 will be undertaken during April-May and will be reported to Council in June in conjunction with the next report on MOSPLAN and Council’s Budget.

Council Structure

Council is required, under the provisions of the NSW Local Government Act 1993, to review its organisational structure within 12 months of every ordinary election of Councillors. A report on this issue was submitted to Council by the General Manager, with Council subsequently adopting the recommendation that the organisational structure of Mosman Council continue to comprise of three Departments, with the positions of Director Community Development, Director Corporate Services and Director Environment and Planning being senior staff positions. The General Manager is responsible for the internal structure of each Council Department.

Code of Meeting Practice and Code of Conduct

Council is also required, under the provisions of the NSW Local Government Act 1993, to review its Code of Meeting Practice and Code of Conduct within 12 months of every ordinary election of Councillors. Both Codes have been reviewed and reports on each were presented to Council. With only minor amendments proposed to Mosman’s Code of Conduct and Procedures, Council resolved that this document, as amended be adopted. The draft Code of Meeting Practice will be publicly exhibited for comment prior to adoption.

Council Investments

Following resolutions requesting a review of Council’s investment risk profile and opportunities to consider ethical investment, a report on these matters was presented for Council’s consideration. While Council did not resolve to increase its risk investment appetite it did agree to amend its Financial Investment Policy to include provision for ethical investing, specifically to consider the stated positions of financial institutions against investment in the fossil fuel industry.

Traffic Management – Balmoral South

Council has been investigating options to improve traffic flow in the area comprising Coronation Avenue, Wolseley Road, Beaconsfield Road and Plunkett Road (collectively known as the Balmoral South Road Network or BSRN) and has also recently completed a trial of parking restrictions on Plunkett Road. Following consideration of traffic management options for the BSRN at the Mosman Traffic Committee meeting on 1 March 2022, Council resolved to support ‘Option A’ for further consultation with the community. Option A entails minimal parking restrictions and includes implementing permanent ‘No Stopping’ restrictions at various recognised bottleneck points. Community engagement on this option, including more detailed information on changes proposed, will be undertaken in coming months.

Privatisation of Bus Services

Council has been notified of a Parliamentary Inquiry into the privatisation of bus services in Sydney. After considering a report on this matter and noting the significant impacts of recent changes to bus services in Mosman, Council resolved to make a submission to the Inquiry. The submission will include a request for a formal public consultation process on privatisation of bus services, timetables and changes, comprehensive community consultation on future proposals to change bus route, service frequencies and bus stops, as well as genuine consultation on the recent suite of service changes already implemented. The submission will indicate Council’s support for use of electric buses and will also seek iron-clad assurances that service levels will not decrease, and that fares will not increase due to privatisation of bus services. The submission, which will also be forwarded to the local State member and Minister for Transport, will also request that the review not continue whilst COVID-19 remains a profound issue within the community.

Open Space Small Area Maintenance

Council resolved to approve a new Specification for its Open Space Small Area Maintenance Contract 2022 and that tenders be called for this contract. In resolving to approve the specification and calling of tenders, Council also agreed that a review be conducted at the conclusion of the first year of the contract to consider options for planting native grasses and vegetation in lieu of turf at appropriate sites, and any resulting changes be included in subsequent contracts.

Climate Action Plan Mitigation Strategy

Council received and noted an update report on actions undertaken in the lead-up to and since the adoption of Mosman’s Climate Action Plan – Mitigation Strategy in April 2021. The report provides details a range of activities including adoption of Council and community emissions targets, establishment of a Climate Action Community Consultative Committee, development of a draft Climate Resilience and Adaptation Plan, solar panel installations on Council facilities, entry into a renewal energy supply contract, acceleration of LED residential streetlights, environmental education programs, automated irrigation systems and significant reductions in Council’s potable water use, expansion of recycling programs, installation of an EV fast charger with further chargers planned, electric bike usage for staff site inspections and use of low carbon concrete in major construction works.

Mosman Planning Agreements Policy

Council resolved to make a number of minor administrative changes to the Mosman Planning Agreements Policy. Given the minor nature of these changes the amended policy was formally adopted without further public consultation.

EV Charging in New Developments

It was resolved that, in the next review of its Residential and Business Centres Development Control Plans, Council include provisions in multi-unit dwelling and workplace/retail zones for high speed electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The objective is assist in future-proofing development against the growing demand for electric vehicles and to address any additional requirements for access to and from the energy grid.

‘Regenerating Australia’ Screenings

It was agreed that Council investigate opportunities to screen the short film  ‘Regenerating Australia’ in conjunction with other Council programming or events in coming months, and prior to the main feature at the Out and About cinema in October.

Beaches Link Tunnel

A Notice of Motion seeking urgent meetings with the NSW Premier to discuss freezing housing targets across the North Shore and Northern Beaches until the Beaches Link Tunnel is approved, funded and under construction will be considered by Council at its May 2022 meeting.